Our design for this development is influenced by our tradition interlinked with the pace of the city. A one-way loop created an additional space of 9m width on the streets, which is designed as a “Linear Green Corridor”.

This green corridor is designed for the residents and tourists to safely walk, bike and socially gather along the street. The kids would be able to play and travel to schools safely and independently.

Most of the frontage within the study area is mixed use with commercial on ground floor and residential on upper floors. The corridor would carve out the niches for the adjacent commercial, restaurant and cafe to “spill-out” creating a lively building “inside-outside” edge and a place that feels dynamic.

The project is one of the first-of-its-kind streetscape development in Pune that follows and builds on the smart city vision and guidelines. The design precedes, informs and considers all demographic requirements.


Pune, India

Project Area:

7.5 km


Public Realm, Cultural + Civic


Urban Design, Planning, Infrastructure Planning, Transportation Planning

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