Our engineering design improves spaces where we live, work and play.

A careful urban study reveals that mixed-use buildings are the best fit for organically developed neighbourhoods, and are therefore a natural solution to such setups. Their design requires careful physical and functional integration with a serious take on the process of building service optimization. Our philosophy is to work in a scenario of no-compromise, trying to deliver solutions that become a part of the site and location, organically attaching itself to the large existing infrastructure, but also form an identity of its own.

We focus on creating developments with appropriate robustness, right-sizing of equipment, power control and energy efficiency measures. With a focus on green certifications to optimize operational budgets of the facilities, Ingsophy places utmost importance in creating and linking engineering design to business goals of the project, and create mixed-use developments that are livable/workable urban communities, built to mitigate the adverse implications of rapid growth, of an urban sprawl, that attain long-term sustainability.

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