The Creek Redevelopment demanded everything we had to offer.

The primary purpose of redesigning the creek was to reclaim water losses and convert the region into an Eco-Recreational-Tourism Corridor. As part of the redesign, we proposed different edge treatments for different creek widths such as Floating Decks and Slabs for narrow widths and maintaining water levels. A combination of active and passive recreation like Public Plazas, Concert Hall, Eco-Recreational Corridor, Beach Connection improvements, and several other important features were brought together to generate revenue and maintain the spaces. Beautification of the surroundings and revenue generation was also a part of the maintenance strategy to keep the creek clean and usable.

All of it built together to create a place that is more than the sum of its parts, and live up to the city’s tourism demands.


Goa, India

Site Area:

4.5 km


Public Realm, Cultural+Civic


Planning, Urban Design, Infrastructure Planning, Waste and Sewage Treatment

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