Inspired by Biophilia, the design creates a composition of multiple forms relating to human scale looking optimistically to the future.

The client’s vision and brief inspired mages in nature of blooming lotus, translucency of flower petals, animal mimicry of colours and beauty of human body, and we explored multiple of options with intention of creating great work environment, public spaces and amenities which would invoke spatial experience and raise the level of senses.

The campus, one of the largest in the area represents the company’s continuing commitment to developing world-class facilities. The design of this 2 million-SF campus is a composition of four components interlocking in a manner that breaks down the scale, makes the buildings less bulky, establishes hierarchy for the entrances and creates an architectural presence. Inside the buildings, a variety of office workspaces, cafeterias, retail, commercial and light-filled atriums encourage collaboration and innovation - creating an environment for casual work environment, a trend in the industry.


Mumbai, India

Site Area:

26.8 Acres

Project Area:

2,000,000 SF




MEP Engineering, Structural Engineering, Infrastructure Design, Planning, Building Design, Sustainable Design, Landscape Design

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