Building higher and changing the skyline of our country.

Ingsophy understands that engineering is about execution excellence for the design goals the client has set. It’s in this context that Team Ingsophy truly believes that every project is unique and that every low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise building will have diverse needs & engineering challenges.

In its endeavor to bring in the most optimally engineered solutions, Ingsophy meticulously explores the methodology behind engineering a high-rise building where it concerns system configurations that support sustainable construction; the ways in which the design interacts with the environment; coordinating within the limits of the manufactured equipment & systems available for MEP infrastructure; and responding to regional climatic and building code requirements. Moreover, there are challenges in a high-rise development encompassing system pressures, adequate fire protection/fighting, safe evacuation measures and an electrical design capable of efficiently and economically distributing power to development unstintingly.

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