Ingsophy and its team of consultants were asked by the local authorities to look into the redevelopment of a large water body and rehabilitate the surrounding ecology, with emphasis on controlling the water pollution. Three smaller water bodies connected to the large circular lake which the team redesigned as canals and entries into the lake premises. The big idea was to connect these water bodies with the existing lake for continuous movement and self cleaning.

Considering the depleting natural eco-system, the master plan and infrastructure plan was developed focusing on relocating the existing crematoriums, and enhancing non-accessible zones for flora and fauna. The development of gardens, bird sanctuary, joggers park, amusement parks, recreational activities along with tourism oriented activities like water sports, food & beverage facilities will increase revenue while maintaining environmental balance.

We provided wetland treatments, and a lake lining solution that maintained the cleanliness, helped maintain aquatic and wildlife, as well as prevented leakage. We improved the road networks, and surrounding infrastructure, provided water supply fountains, community washrooms, security and technological upgrades, designed and promoted green energy systems, as well as solid waste management measures.


Ahmedabad, India

Project Area:

100 Acres


Civic-Cultural, Urban Spaces


Infrastructure Planning and Engineering, MEP Engineering, Waste and Sewage Treatment, Structural Engineering

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