At Ingsophy, we strongly believe "Respect & dignity for the individual and emphasizing meritocracy, quality, and hard work over hierarchy should be the hallmark of our identity". Our associates are our most important assets who take care of our customers & investors. The organization lays a strong emphasis on professionalism, openness, transparency, ethical behavior, human respect & dignity, meritocracy, and living up to our commitments as part of our culture.

Why Ingsophy?

At Ingsophy, we offer the right environment to grow and achieve career goals of our employees. With boundless growth opportunities and exposure to innovation, technologies and learning possibilities, our excellence is the result of collaboration among a group of passionate, skilled people who share common values. As a member of the team, you'll work with some of the most talented experts in the engineering and design industry that is dedicated to creativity and helping you grow your career.

As an organization, we strongly believe that the company is made by each & every associate of the company and that we accomplish the organizational goals only through the participation of all associates. We believe that our associates "work with us" and not "work for us". We believe in fostering an environment which is not only conducive to working but also ensures that our associates have occasions to celebrate, unwind and relax.

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