Ketul Lathia shared his expertise on "The Importance of Passive Fire Protection" with Fire & Safety Security Magazine's India Team

May 15, 2018

Earlier last month, Ketul Lathia, our inhouse plumbing and fire protection expert shared his knowledge of fire protection, and the importance of passive fire safety with the team at Fire&Safety Security India. He explained the importance, technology, innovations, and measures that need to be taken into account.

Here are some of his thoughts from the article.

All of us hear/read news frequently of fires and the damage it caused to human life as well as to property almost daily. We also hear that firemen were injured or lost their lives during these events. On hearing/reading this, we all mentally react, debate with whoever we meet and forget the next day. Soon, we hear a similar story again.

We all debate that fire extinguished action got delayed, firemen arrived late and hence this happened. But this may be only one of the reasons. Could we have self-controlled on spread of fire, could we have controlled speed of smoke spread, could we have a technique to minimize damages due to fire and similar thoughts come in our mind.

Answer to these and other questions, answer is YES. We cannot stop fire occurrence completely, but yes, we can certainly reduce fire occurrence and if still fire occurs, we can reduce the impact of fire by reduction in speed of fire spread, speed of smoke and sudden increase of temperature, etc.

There are three systems which can minimize risk of damages and causalities, first one is very known and easy to recognize which is known as “Active fire protection system”, and most of the people are familiar with this system. Active fire protection system adopts action to extinguish fire as well as to alert people to safely evacuate from premises. Active fire protection operates on basis of received signal or command in any format like Detecting heat, Detecting smoke, manually switching, etc.

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