Industrial and Large Developments


We help set foundations that best meet the needs of future.

Ingsophy works intimately with its clients in helping develop large land parcels, which usually shape-up in a phased way for SEZ, large mixed use / integrated townships or Industrial developments.

In the quest to understand the land parcel well, Ingsophy harnesses BIM technology to assess the challenges in developing the site infrastructure and envisage design solutions in line with the business goals on the project. BIM approach of study helps in performing a variety of storm water management tasks, including storm sewer design, watershed analysis, detention pond modeling, and culvert, channel, and inlet analysis to better understand water logging (or storm water) studies. BIM philosophy also helps us to work in conjunction with Architects / Master Planners to finalize formation levels through iterations to micro level and come up with precise Cut-&-Fill analysis, which essentially drive decision designs on capital & investments. In addition, Parking Lots, Round-about, Vehicle movements can be modeled in BIM and analyzed for performance parameters governing the industry, code & additional safety parameters.

BIM models may also be used for deciding the optimal location for crane movements and also loading diagrams could be simulated to get the best results. BIM methodology also helps analyze the behavior of the built environment to the ambient fluid conditions and identify risk pockets or vulnerable areas. These studies are very crucial in industrial units dealing with large surface objects. In most dense development, these studies also helps in identifying pedestrian comfort wind which is a mandatory requirement for office towers, apartment blocks and retail centers.

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