• Our Philosophy is built on Innovation, Technical Excellence and Performance

    Realizing your business goals with High-Value Engineering
  • We build Sustainable Communities through Innovative Design Strategies

  • We have an exemplary track record and experience in the design and delivery of projects

  • We design with a creative vision that have a positive economic, social and environmental impact on our communities.


Realizing your business goals with high-value engineering.

Ingsophy is a specialized engineering design firm focused on value-added engineering to realized the business goals of high-performance buildings. Our integrated approach to engineering is backed by technology, BIM methodology and insistence of detailed engineering calculations & analysis. At Ingsophy, we have multi-disciplinary teams operating with robust workflows and adherence to stricter quality and better coordination.

Our mission is to bring higher quality, speed and efficiency to Indian projects and deliver better solutions based on the knowledge gained from our experience on international projects.

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